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#ProjectZeroWaste is a philosophy and an action plan. Bijou creates fabric, and how we maximize that fabric and our shipping supplies has an impact on the world. To celebrate Earth Day please enjoy this blog post about our efforts to reduce our impact on the planet.

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Early February, we started a challenge, a laid back challenge. We’re talking about using one size of woven wrap and wrapping in four different ways. Got a base length wrap that has been sitting uninspired? Challenge yourself! Got a base minus 3 giving you the side eye from the shelf? Grab it! Got a travelling wrap visiting that needs some breaking in? Break it in! No matter the brand, the type, the price tag, we want to see you. Tag us @BijouBabywearing and use the hashtag #4Carries1Size on social media! If you would like help brainstorming ways to carry, check out Wearing Wiki online or ask in the Facebook group Bijou Buzz where we will be playing along as well....

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Ring Slings and Short Wrap Pre-Tied Carries

Ring slings and shorter wraps in pre-tied carries can be quick, comfortable options for both those hot summer days AND those cold coat-wearing days. You can get the carrier all ready to go before even leaving your home! RING SLINGS For a carrier that is easily adjustable among wearers and made for newborns and toddlers, ring slings check the boxes. Bijou Wear offers a variety of ring slings in different fabric blends and lengths. To find out more about which length is best for you, click here. The learning curve can seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep (many of us are half asleep most of the week...

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As Your Family Grows: Wearing Babies While You Still Wear All The Hats

*** This article speaks directly to my experience homeschooling one child while caring for a newborn, but it applies to any family adding a newborn to the mix. *** I was discussing the phases of the moon with the tweens in my homeschool co-op class, "Mythology/Astronomy." I am sure they will never forget what waxing gibbous means because we joked about how my pregnant belly was also waxing gibbous, growing larger each week we met.   I knew soon, like the inevitable coming of the full moon, I would see the face of my second baby. Then I would be in the "fourth trimester" where the newborn would be oh so new, and some of the fun "extras" we did as...

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Bijouland: More Than Babywearing

Survival mixed with snuggles. People all around the world have been wearing children for centuries. Wearing is so much more than just “wearing.” Wearing is part of many people’s daily life. Wearing is more than “just” a carrier. Some people are drawn to carriers released on the date of their child’s birthday or date of adoption or anniversary of a life-changing medical procedure. Some people are drawn to patterns that remind them of someone they love. Some people just love a particular colorway and pattern because it makes them happy. Whatever it is, there’s a connection to be made between the wearer, wearee, and sometimes the company that helps makes these memories. At Bijou Wear there is a story behind every...

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