Babywearing: Matters of Size

Babywearing is for everyone. Let's just get that straight from the git-go. You aren't too big or small and neither is that wrap. Bijou Wear would like to take a moment to demystify matters of babywearer size and wrap size to show why that's true.

It can be demoralizing to find you've gone into a shop and you're too ... something ... to fit in the clothes there. Maybe they don't make a size 0 or a size 16 or plus sizes or tall sizes or petite sizes. So you may casually look at the shoes as if you meant to do only that all along and then exit stage left.

This can even happen with soft structured carriers, where plus sized straps are a bit more rare. And ring slings have a LOT of flexibility with size, but it is possible that an XL might drag for a petite wearer or that a plus size wearer might run out of tail with a small. Bijou Wear ring slings are all priced the same so that you are not penalized for your pants size.

But woven wraps? Relax. Size does not exclude you from any woven wrap you may pick off the pile at your local meet up.

It's liberating! Every length of wrap (length being the only determinant of "size") works to do this glorious thing we call Babywearing.

Your "base" size and the wrap size you have in hand simply do a little simple math to come up with a very long list of carries you can use together to snuggle your little one.

There is a lovely carry called Front Wrap Cross Carry. It's probably the most often suggested for a new babywearer. It is fantastic for building wrapping confidence (and kissing the tops of baby heads). The size in which you can comfortably tie that carry is your "base" size.

A petite woman might be base 5. Many people who can easily shop at most stores in the mall find they are base 6. And plus sized wrappers, broad chested wrappers, and/or those wrapping with toddlers might be base 7, 8 or 9. The difference in length between each size is half a meter. Not much when you're already wielding meters of fabric. As your babe turns into a toddler, you might find your base size goes up one.

But what if a base 5 babywearer finds himself with a 4? He cannot do FWCC. No problem. He can do a plethora of other carries! He just looks up "base-1" carries and follows a tutorial. But if I, a base 7, borrow his size 4, I'll need to do a base-3 carry. (Fun! Some of my favorite carries are base-3!)

The math part becomes second nature as you build a repertoire of your "base-2 carries" etc., for each length of fabric with which you wrap. Let's see, base-2=Robin's Hip Carry, FWCC tied under bum, and simple ruck tied in front. Base-2 is actually a great size to start with if you want less fabric to deal with!

The take-away from all this? YOU can use a size 2 all the way to a size 9, no matter who you are.

Welcome to Babywearing. Where kissing babies matters more than your size.

Photo Credit: @Brittany Marsh Photography

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