Early February, we started a challenge, a laid back challenge. We’re talking about using one size of woven wrap and wrapping in four different ways. Got a base length wrap that has been sitting uninspired? Challenge yourself! Got a base minus 3 giving you the side eye from the shelf? Grab it! Got a travelling wrap visiting that needs some breaking in? Break it in! No matter the brand, the type, the price tag, we want to see you. Tag us @BijouBabywearing and use the hashtag #4Carries1Size on social media! If you would like help brainstorming ways to carry, check out Wearing Wiki online or ask in the Facebook group Bijou Buzz where we will be playing along as well.

Below we share some of the ways wearers have completed this challenge from lengths base minus half to base minus four. Be inspired! Join in the fun!


Slings and Smiles completed their challenge using Bijou’s Cleo Broadway in base minus half. She smiled through the challenge in Maxine’s Back Carry, Double Hammock with a Candy Cane Chest Belt, Ruck Tied Tibetan, and Reinforced Ruck Tied In Front (last three and images on left from top down).

[4 photo collage of a black woman with shoulder length beaded locs wearing a black graphic sublime t-shirt and a light brown preschooler on her back in a steely purple and white woven wrap with an art deco lily design. Large left photo, the woman smiles and the child on her back takes a picture with his fingers. Top right photo is of the woman's torso showing a smooth chest pass and candy cane chest belt. Middle right is a bum shot. Bottom right is an #ErinKnot shot.]


Check out this belly wrapping edition! This wearer went with a base minus 1 in Bijou’s Blast LP. Carries clockwise from top left: with a Sweetheart Finish, like Front Wrap Cross Carry Torso, like Double Hammock Torso, and with a Unicorn Finish.

[Image provided by Brigitte Robinson Spencer of a collage of 4 pictures showing the torso of a fat, white, pregnant woman wrapped in a black and white geometric wrap.]


Have you given any love to base minus 2? This wearer rocked it using Bijou’s Windmills Ad Astra. Clockwise the carries are: Shepherds Carry, Robins Hip Carry, Back Reinforced Torso Sling, and Ruck Tied in Front.

[Image provided by Laura Vitanova of a collage of a woman wearing a toddler in four different ways with the same purple and ecru woven wrap with windmills on it]


Let’s go shorter! What about base minus 3?? This wearer completed her challenge using a Bijou Stella Illuminate. Pictured carries are (in clockwise order): Half Jordan’s Back Carry, Robins Hip Carry, Pirate Carry, and Shepherd’s Back Carry.  

[Image provided by Nicole Rosenberg. A collage of a white woman and her white son wearing a light teal and ecru wrap patterned with retro starbursts. In the upper left quadrant, they stand in front of a sunset wearing a Half Jordan’s Back Carry. In the upper right, they are in front of a beige wall and making silly faces at each other wearing a Robin’s Hip Carry. In the lower left, they are in front of their local library. The toddler is peering out under a charcoal wool hat and they wear a Rear Reinforced Ruck. In the lower right, they stand on their doorstep as if they’re headed out for a walk in a Shepherd’s Carry.]


One more. Have you challenged yourself with a base minus 4? Rachel Harris Hughes rocked this challenge using a dyed Bijou Roxy Cinema in base minus 4. Clockwise from top left: Back Reinforced Torso Sling, Back Traditional Sling Carry, Torso Carry with a ring finish, and Ruck Tied at Shoulder.

[Four image collage of a bespectacled black mom with locs in a gray hoodie wearing a light brown toddler in an orange/red gradient woven wrap with gray diamonds. Each image is of a different carry mentioned above.]

Inspired to play too???  Remember to tag us @BijouBabywearing and use the hashtag #4Carries1Size on social media (no need to use a Bijou wrap to play along)! Join the Facebook group Bijou Buzz where we will be playing along as well.

[Monochrome graphic with houndstooth pattern in the upper right corner. In bold typeface are the words Stretch yourself! Try out the #4Carries1Size challenge!]

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