Baskerville: The Bold Protest

When you're stuck, swing to the other side of yourself, however far the pendulum will take you. If it's tax season weighing you down, do something that makes you feel free like zooming with your feet on that low bar of the shopping cart. If the toddler is ordering you around about sandwiches, surprise her with candy sprinkles all over her meal and watch the entire evening take a massive 180 degree turn. 
The best advice I received in school was to read more than 50% outside of my field. Which feels impossible. And maybe it is. But your energy will crash and burn if you're always pointed in the same direction. We contain multitudes, complex and beautiful individuals that we are, so pretending to be single-minded will crush you. 
Windmills and Blast are the right and left footings on which Bijou was built. They are in many ways opposites. One is literal, the other interpretive. One design crisp and one painterly. Iconic versus abstract. One engenders nostalgia, while the other is somehow defiant. 
When you see a Bijou design, or any design you have in your life, consider how it reinforces how you think of yourself. Or how it challenges you. You picked that shower curtain in part because of the price. But you chose it among others on the same shelf. Why? Dig for answers about why you like plain or geometric or floral or goofy things in your line of sight every day. 
Pick apart design in your home, on your street, at your work, on your tea towels. Even if it arrived in your life outside of your control, the kind of introspection you can suss out from deep thinking about the things around you might be just the boost you need to clarify thoughts about yourself. Your life. Who you might become. 
Just like you, Bijou is always growing. Our newest design, Baskerville,arrives today. A basic houndstooth, clean and simple. Iconic in the way of Windmills or Newport sailboats perhaps moreso than our exploded versions of argyle (Decadence) and plaid (Plaidass), though of course it is like them a classic textile design. 
So how is it different? It's a bigass houndstooth, at Bijou scale, and the only logical name for a giant hound is Baskerville, as in Sherlock Holmes' Hound of the Baskervilles. Bijou scale, blowing things up that generally fit sweetly in the palm of your hand, is done with an eye to the use of these textiles. Bijou wovens make rotten key fobs because you can discern nothing about the design from a small strip. But they look amazing variously spread across a baby's back and then in a completely different way doing geometric gymnastics in bunches and pleats on your shoulders. 
So please enjoy the Roxy-like geometric play that happens when Baskerville is wrapped. And consider if you are a person who can stand up in the middle of the room wearing a bold houndstooth, with that enigmatic shape posing as if arms up in protest against the ordinary, against being small, against blending in. Be brash, and cultivate that part of you that perhaps has been neglected for too long. 

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