Bijouland: More Than Babywearing

Survival mixed with snuggles. People all around the world have been wearing children for centuries. Wearing is so much more than just “wearing.” Wearing is part of many people’s daily life. Wearing is more than “just” a carrier. Some people are drawn to carriers released on the date of their child’s birthday or date of adoption or anniversary of a life-changing medical procedure. Some people are drawn to patterns that remind them of someone they love. Some people just love a particular colorway and pattern because it makes them happy. Whatever it is, there’s a connection to be made between the wearer, wearee, and sometimes the company that helps makes these memories.

At Bijou Wear there is a story behind every carrier and each person who invites that wrap into their home adds to that story. For those whose wearing days have become far and few between, there are options to snuggle with that perfect woven wrap fabric in a non-carrier form, to stay connected in the wearing community, and to continue supporting a company you love. Intrigued?? Check out the Bijou Gear section for scarves, mugs, blankets, shirts, water bottles, and magnets! The scarves are a great way to wear even when you aren’t wearing. Love ceramics? The high quality hand-thrown mugs made in Minnesota, USA and ready for your daily brew or stew (join in the fun using the hashtags #BijouBrewCrew and #BijouStewCrew). Psst… join the Bijou chatter group, there’s a whole file on mug cake recipes!

Wherever you are in your wearing journey, know that there are others out there with you. Cheering you on. Stumbling through sleepless nights. Sweating through toddlerhood. Re-heating that cold coffee for the third time. Survival mixed with snuggles. You got this and we got you. Cheers!

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[Image is a screenshot from Instagram of twelve plus some, caregivers enjoying beverages out of Bijou mugs. Top of image text “bijoubabywearing”]

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