Videos: How To Use a Ring Sling!

So you're a visual learner? Me, too! I just need to watch someone walk me through, step-by-step, and then I'm good to go to wear my baby! 

Our friends at Tandem Trouble have created a video tutorial series for how to use a ring sling featuring Bijou Wear's Skya Graphite (available on Amazon Prime)! 

Tandem Trouble says, "A ring sling can be the newborn to independent toddler carrier for your babywearing journey ... I am demonstrating the Skya ring sling from Bijou Wear. The Skya is likely the lightest weight ring sling I have worn with truly astonishing breathability. The Skya will last you up to three years of wearing up to 35 pounds."

To start, your sling needs a wash. Then you'll need to turn it into a sash by putting the end of the fabric through the rings like an '80s style belt -- you remember, through two, over one, then under one. The rings on your Skya are specially made in the USA and safety tested for babywearing!

You won't have to thread it every time! Leave it like a sash and only redo after you wash or if it gets hopelessly twisted in the rings when it smooshes around in the depths of your diaper bag. Here's a comprehensive walk-through:


Now to load your newborn, baby, or toddler for babywearing adventures!

Love, love, love these how-to explanations! And we also love that a ring sling is easy to adjust between differently sized caregivers -- just pull on the hanging fabric and it's tight no matter if it's dad or grandma or the babysitter wearing! Skya is also available in sizes up to XXL, so plus-size parents need not worry about finding a carrier that fits.

Looking for a way to keep the tail of the carrier out of the way? There are many options, but one is to use it to reinforce the "seat" of the sling. Take it away, Tandem Trouble!

If you're looking for one of the MOST USEFUL baby shower gifts you could buy, check out a Skya ring sling

Often new parents looking to bond with their newborn will ask about baby's legs, which froggie up those first few weeks in the most adorable way. Tandem Trouble talks us through the ins and outs of legs in and legs out:

Hop on over to Amazon and Prime a Skya straight to your door so you can start wearing your own little froggy newborn asap! It's also a great gift! But you don't have to take our word for it ... 

"Purchased Plum for my mother and the color is magnificent. The ring sling is stunning with the saturated purple and the rose gold colored rings. Also purchased the blue for myself and the heathered coloring is a great fit for me. Thin, moldable, and comfortable. Easy to thread through the rings and readjust. Plus, love the 'hidden' contrast thread to help distinguish between the rails!" -- Rebekah

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