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Grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, a snack, or whatever goes with your vibe and get ready for a little story time by yours truly!

If you are here because you know me from my other/first company Bijou Wear, then read on about why I started a home decor business as well. We all know way too much about textiles, quality craftswomanship, small-batch production, and the importance of materials to just walk away when our little ones trade in their diapers for backpacks. My venture is in part a way for us to continue to geek out about things that we love. But now we can invite our friends and family to join in the fun!

Gear: The Baskerville Throw. Lilac Pepin Mug

[Image provided by Amanda Cook Photography. Against a field of red poppies a picnic basket serves as a table for a Bijou Wear mug. A luxurious tan and brown large scale houndstooth blanket with subtle fringe cascades out of the blanket onto the green grass.]


I'm at a place, after eight interstate moves in my adult life, where I don't want to buy throw-away junk anymore. If I add something to my house in a time when I would prefer to have more minimal decor, it's gotta be really, really good. USA-made, by people who take pride in their craft. Quality over quantity. That's the sort of thing that brings me joy these days.


For instance, I don't want a plastic planter on my kitchen window sill. But the one I just put up, a small geometric porcelain succulent planter, will define my kitchen for years and years to come. It's beautiful and simple. But best of all, I know the story behind the object. It was made in a woman-owned and operated Kansas City studio called Convivial Production. As the artisans hand-cut and smooth the formed pieces, if one cracks or chips before firing they recycle it back into the mix. Both their design aesthetic and business philosophy are just perfect.

Gear: VL Hanging Planter

[Image provided by Anna Rogers of a pair of dirty hands that belong to a white woman adorned with a watch, a ring, and many colorful bracelets. Below the hands are the plants now planted in the geometric planter with dirt and the trowel scattered around.]


I say all of this by way of inviting you to be a part of Bijou's sister company, Iconic Style + Home. This project is just as much about the story behind the products, and the way the products fit into your life, as it is about selling stuff in an online store.


Iconic is also growing a Facebook group Iconic Style + Home (Community), because online community building is so important to me as a business owner.

Gear: Baskerville "Shadow" Woven Wrap, Be Lively 2 Crossbody

[Image provided by Amanda Cook Photography of a white woman with short brown hair wearing a white toddler on her back in a white and gray large scale houndstooth patterned woven wrap. Toddler’s reaching out to the side. Woman’s smiling and looking out into the distance. Woman is wearing a cork crossbody bag with two fuchsia zippers. In the background out of focus are shelves of books.]


New artisans will be added regularly, each with a unique and compelling story to tell and to add to the story of your home and your family, so be sure to like Iconic Style + Home or follow to keep up with all the announcements.

Thank you!



Gear: Small Riveted Bowl

[Image on a wooden table outside of a white riveted bowl with fresh picked strawberries overflowing out of it.]


Intrigued?? Get shopping (even if it’s window shopping) and get a wishlist going! The wishlists can be shared too for upcoming birthdays, holidays, house warming gifts, See how others are bringing Iconic Style + Home into their daily lives by joining our online community on Facebook at Iconic Style + Home (Community) and by following the hashtag #SoVeryIconic.


Thanks for being a part of this new venture!


Jaime @Bijou and @Iconic ;)

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