Bijou Wear strives to produce minimal waste and recycles nearly every single item that is used to make the magic happen. The tubes on which fabric is rolled? Those go to the local zoo where they’re used to create puzzles for the primates at feeding time. Those Priority Mail boxes used to mail out the packages you look so forward to?? Those are made of recycled materiel and are themselves fully recyclable -- and depending on how you open them, they boxes may also be reused.

[Image against a zoo admission sign indoors of a white woman with dark hair and red glasses selfie-ing with tubes of cardboard that appear to be taller than she is.]

Open that box and inside is a woven wrap waiting for snuggles. Guess what? Those snuggles come protected in a single layer...wait for it... resealable and recyclable plastic bag! If mugs are coming your way, they’re carefully padded in biodegradable starch-based packing peanuts. Did you know biodegradable packing peanuts dissolve in water?? Did you know they’re compostable??

[Image of a garden bed with white biodegradable packing peanuts next to a rake on top of dirt.]

[Image provided by Emily Dutra Cush of a Korean-American girl wearing a purple and lavender star patterned shirt standing in front of a kitchen door with Windows. Outside is a green leafed lilac bush. She is holding an "X" shaped creation made out of biodegradable packing peanuts and looking through it. In the other hand, she is holding a chocolate granola bar.]

Let’s talk about how #ProjectZeroWaste applies tothe fabric of  Bijou woven wraps and accessories. What is this talk about eco-friendly fiber blends Eco2cotton® and Tencel®? Eco2cotton® yarn is made from scraps of fabric left on the cutting-room floor of garment factories. Tencel® is a yarn made from sustainably harvested wood pulp cellulose. Turning the trees into yarn takes less energy and water than the processing of cotton, and TENCEL® even requires less dye than cotton. How cool is that?!

[Image of a smiling brown haired babywearer standing in the snow, wearing a baby in a front carry in a vibrant blue and white woven wrap with windmills pattern. The wrap is an EcoCel blend that include Eco2cotton® and Tencel®  yarns.]

Bijou scarves and blankets play a role in making the world a greener place too. The Simply B scarf helps make use of every inch of Bijou's custom woven textiles. And the Bijou blankets? Some blankets are marked down as “seconds quality.” Know that they are by no means lesser quality. The “seconds” refers to cosmetic beauty marks like small funky bits of yarn or a skipped thread. These pieces of fabric are set aside and labeled “seconds” but have no fear, they still come with A-grade snuggles.

[Image of two young white boys smiling snuggling on a loveseat beneath a large scale houndstooth woven wrap in neutral tones. The older boy is giving the younger bunny ears.]

From the tubes the fabric comes on, to the fabric itself, to the packaging materials Bijou seeks to keep the earth green. By being part of Bijou, you are being part of #ProjectZeroWaste. Thank you!

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