Ring Slings and Short Wrap Pre-Tied Carries

Ring slings and shorter wraps in pre-tied carries can be quick, comfortable options for both those hot summer days AND those cold coat-wearing days. You can get the carrier all ready to go before even leaving your home!


For a carrier that is easily adjustable among wearers and made for newborns and toddlers, ring slings check the boxes. Bijou Wear offers a variety of ring slings in different fabric blends and lengths. To find out more about which length is best for you, click here. The learning curve can seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep (many of us are half asleep most of the week anyway…)! Check out this post for an illustrated tutorial on how to wear a ring sling, and for a video tutorial with closed captioning, click here

[Image provided by RitaJane Chavez of a brown woman in a dark brown faux fur coat pulled down to her elbows, standing in the snow, wearing a brown toddler on her chest in a dark grey and white floral/leaf printed ring sling.]


Let’s talk about shorter wraps (typically base minus 2 or shorter). Pre-tied carries offer convenience and peace of mind. No extra fussing in a parking lot. Whether your toddler wants up or down, your carrier is set-up and ready for wrangling, I mean snuggles. Newborn needs a diaper change for the third time in an hour? Just wiggle that baby out, change that diaper, and snuggle that baby back in without spending time taking the whole carrier off and putting it back on.

If you love the idea of the ring sling but would rather use your short wrap, give the No Sew Ring Sling a try (photo tutorial, video tutorial). Another option is the Traditional Sling Carry (TSC) which uses a lark’s head knot (also known as a “slip knot”) in place of two Sling Rings. Want a little more support? Give Front Reinforced Torso Sling Carry (FRTSC) a go. For a one-shouldered, two layer carry that easily goes under and over a coat (or no coat at all!), the Inside Out Coolest Hip Cross Carry (IOCHCC) does the trick for seat poppers.

Whichever way you wear, whatever size you need, do it in a way that keeps your hands free to go about your days. Errands still need to be run. Siblings still need to get to school. Toddlers need to be kept out of the dishwasher or trash can. Heck, sometimes it’s even just to brush our own teeth. Keep calm and keep wearing!

[Image provided by Stephanie Lu Sinclair of a light tan skin bespectacled Asian woman, with arms spread out like she’s flying while standing on one foot. She’s wearing a sleeping toddler on her front in a silver and coral painterly patterned woven wrap. They are downtown with tall buildings in the background.]

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