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Melt Away the Meltdowns

Close enough to kiss. Breathe in the sweet newborn smell. That new little body wrapped on your chest. Those sweet cheeks are pressed against your skin. Those little fingers. Those little toes. Time stands still for just a minute or two. There are days when they seem to cry for hours on end until someone holds them or wears them. And sometimes even that doesn’t always do the trick but that little being needs you and you’re there for them. And when they relax, you can relax.   [Image provided by Courtney Scruggs. A white woman wearing her toddler on her back in a natty topographical map patterned woven wrap and her newborn on her front in a navy and...

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Tales of a Ring Sling Tail

Ring slings are quick to learn, and adjust easily from one caregiver to another! Most folks let the tail hang, but if you want to get it out of the way, there are a variety of ways to do so! What is your favorite? Photo graphic of six images of a tan skin bespectacled Asian woman wearing a sleeping toddler on her front in a saturated bright teal and deep periwinkle ring sling with large abstract plaid cross hatch pattern and purple rings (Plaidass Juliette). They're outside in the snow. Let it hang This is a great way to show off both sides of your beautiful baby carrier.  As the tail passes through the rings we get that flash of...

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Base Size Guide for Woven Wrap Baby Carriers

  (Transcript: BASE SIZE GUIDE for woven wrap baby carriers Consider that the range of base sizes is 4 through 9. You and your little one's base size is the size in which you feel comfortable tying a double knot behind your back in FRONT WRAP CROSS CARRY (FWCC) a way of wearing the child on your front. <3 (heart) Step one: Be proud that your awesome body cares for and carries a baby/toddler.📍(location symbol) - if possible, find a local baby wearing group or boutique where you can try on woven wraps.⭐(star): Not everyone has a local group. No problem. just a few questions will help locate your base size. FIRST GUESS: size 5 fits a petite wearer in...

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Everything I Needed to Know about Double Hammock, I Learned from Self-Wrapping

Did you know double hammock and front wrap cross carry are very nearly the same carry, just with baby in a different place? Think about it! This article is for for those just dipping their toes in the back-carry waters with a woven wrap, or those struggling with the nuances of a double hammock carry, and it contains a secret that I wish I had known years ago. You don't need a baby on your back to hone your back-carrying skills. In fact, a hybrid of with- and without-baby practice might be just what you need! You know what it's like. You're trying to remember the million things you learned from that video tutorial, but your baby has decided your...

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