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Ring Slings and Short Wrap Pre-Tied Carries

Ring slings and shorter wraps in pre-tied carries can be quick, comfortable options for both those hot summer days AND those cold coat-wearing days. You can get the carrier all ready to go before even leaving your home! RING SLINGS For a carrier that is easily adjustable among wearers and made for newborns and toddlers, ring slings check the boxes. Bijou Wear offers a variety of ring slings in different fabric blends and lengths. To find out more about which length is best for you, click here. The learning curve can seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep (many of us are half asleep most of the week...

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Monster Warning Tags on Wraps and Slings

"What is going on with these large warning tags on my Bijou Wear wrap/ring sling?"Wraps and slings sold by Bijou Wear are compliant with the stringent safety regulations for baby carriers that are expected to be passed in the US in late 2016.What does that mean? Our baby carriers have undergone rigorous third-party laboratory testing and meet or exceed U.S. standards. The regulations are not yet mandatory, but Bijou goes to the extra effort and expense to test to the standard. The large "Warning!" tags are part of this effort to be compliant. They will be required on all woven wraps and ring slings next year.We started in 2015 with our very first sling. It's part of our assurance to you that we...

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Bijou Wear is the first woven wrap company to offer the recycled fiber Eco2cotton®. Only available on our website ! Recycling clippings from cotton garments in factories reduces waste, reduces the demand for water-thirsty cotton plants, and since most of the yarns are not redyed, reduces pollutants and water waste from the dyeing process. It's a fiber you can feel good about and feel good wearing! For more information, see And to see great fan photos and hear their opinions, please join the Bijou Wear chatter group Bijou Buzz on Facebook!

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