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Tales of a Ring Sling Tail

Ring slings are quick to learn, and adjust easily from one caregiver to another! Most folks let the tail hang, but if you want to get it out of the way, there are a variety of ways to do so! What is your favorite? Photo graphic of six images of a tan skin bespectacled Asian woman wearing a sleeping toddler on her front in a saturated bright teal and deep periwinkle ring sling with large abstract plaid cross hatch pattern and purple rings (Plaidass Juliette). They're outside in the snow. Let it hang This is a great way to show off both sides of your beautiful baby carrier.  As the tail passes through the rings we get that flash of...

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How are you? No really. Like “how ARE you?” It’s quick to throw on that strained smile and quickly respond, “Fine, thanks, how are you?” While you’re really thinking, “Do you really want to know? I’m not even sure where to start.” But it's okay, we get it. We will wait for the real answer. We will ask again, "How are you really doing?" We will hold space for you when the answer is sad or mad or depressed. We know it's not just the fourth trimester that can be crushing. We will listen. As a babywearing community, we know what it is to sometimes need to wear your baby so you can be caring for that baby with snuggles...

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#ProjectZeroWaste is a philosophy and an action plan. Bijou creates fabric, and how we maximize that fabric and our shipping supplies has an impact on the world. To celebrate Earth Day please enjoy this blog post about our efforts to reduce our impact on the planet.

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