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THE Ring Sling Solution

I invite you to rethink ring sling carries as a modified torso carry. Here's why.Babywearers are plagued by a host of fiddly problems while wearing ring slings. Almost all of them can be nipped in the bud with a single solution. Simply tighten the sling much more tightly than you might have previously thought necessary before shimmying and curling your little one down into it.*So simple! How could this help?Problems tightening? If there is no need to retighten, then there are no problems. No tips and tricks needed.  Rings ending up on your sternum? Again, this won't happen if the pocket is just barely big enough for your babe to begin with. Starting with rings near the top of your shoulder ensures...

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LP Blast

"The LP (Long Play), or 33 1⁄3 rpm microgroove vinyl record, is a format for phonograph (gramophone) records, an analog sound storage medium." -- Wikipedia Why "Blast LP"? Because it looks like broken records. Crossed with spin art. Then tie dyed. Woven into something outrageously cool in a very rock-and-roll sort of way.  We're going to need sunglasses for this.  But get them on quickly! Stock is dwindling. If you can't find your preferred size at then check out our Hawaiian retail partner -- they still have a small few on the shelves, too! 

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Babywearing: Matters of Size

Babywearing is for everyone. Let's just get that straight from the git-go. You aren't too big or small and neither is that wrap. Bijou Wear would like to take a moment to demystify matters of babywearer size and wrap size to show why that's true. It can be demoralizing to find you've gone into a shop and you're too ... something ... to fit in the clothes there. Maybe they don't make a size 0 or a size 16 or plus sizes or tall sizes or petite sizes. So you may casually look at the shoes as if you meant to do only that all along and then exit stage left. This can even happen with soft structured carriers, where plus sized...

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QUESTION: Why Babywear?

ANSWER: Life goes on, if the baby is fussy or not. We vote not. Cooking and eating meals. Running errands. Shopping. The daily grind of regular to-dos looks different for each of us, but when you have a baby or toddler in a woven wrap or ring sling, these things are made glorious. If you have never wrapped a child before, imagine what it would be like to snuggle a peaceful baby and have your hands free as opposed to wrestling two armfuls of disorganized baby. You could care for your other children while the littlest one naps against your chest. You could put away groceries while you chat with the happy and secure toddler on your back. You could...

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