Skya Ring Slings are the BEST baby shower gift! Skya will be useful for helping new parents bond with baby, sooth baby, feed baby, AND go places with baby! 

More Features:

  • Only ONE layer of breathable linen-blend fabric over you and baby.
  • Learn the ring sling’s one carry, and enjoy it in TWO positions!
  • Supportive for at least THREE years of babywearing.*
  • Both front and hip carries can be done with babies and toddlers.
  • No need to size up as your little one grows!
  • Adjusts naturally for different sized caregivers. See our Sizing information for more.
  • Easy to nurse/feed baby in upright, which is great for refluxy babies.
  • Hug your baby to you but be HANDS FREE!

How to video series: How to use a ring sling featuring Skya! If you prefer, we offer How-To Illustrations.

Blog: How does a ring sling compare to other sorts of carriers?

Shop: Three colors of Skya are available on Amazon Prime now! 

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