Skya ring are the BEST baby shower gift! Skya will be useful for helping new parents bond with baby, sooth baby, feed baby, AND go places with baby! 

More Features:

  • Only ONE layer of breathable linen-blend fabric over you and baby.
  • Learn the ring sling’s one carry, and enjoy it in TWO positions!
  • Supportive for at least THREE years of babywearing.*
  • Both front and hip carries can be done with babies and toddlers.
  • No need to size up as your little one grows!
  • Adjusts naturally for different sized caregivers. See our Sizing information for more.
  • Easy to nurse/feed baby in upright, which is great for refluxy babies.
  • Hug your baby to you but be HANDS FREE!

How to video series: How to use a ring sling featuring Skya! If you prefer, we offer How-To Illustrations.

Blog: How does a ring sling compare to other sorts of carriers?

Shop: Three colors of Skya are available on Amazon Prime now! 

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