About Bijou Wear

About Bijou Wear babywearing

Welcome to the Bijou Wear shop! Bijou (pronounced bee'-zhew) crafts small batch USA-woven textiles for limited edition baby carriers, both wraps and slings. You can wear your baby or toddler in a variety of ways, on your front, hip, and back (instruction manual provided), and these carriers adjust to fit all caregivers. For more on the products, check out our overview of Bijou Babywearing.

Invest in one snuggly soft (yet strong!) woven wrap or ring sling to last from infancy through toddlerhood, or start a collection as you enjoy the nuances of Bijou's eco-friendly fibers and our variety of bold and beautiful designs.

Babywearing will help you satisfy your little one's need for closeness and security but keep your hands free to accomplish the business of life!

The pride and joy of Bijou Wear is our Facebook chatter group called Bijou Buzz. There you'll find a vibrant, supportive, and fun-loving group of caregivers who would love to field your questions and encourage you on your journey. 

Founder and CEO Jaime Gassmann

 Jaime Gassmann Owner Bijou Wear woven baby wraps

Bijou is my husband's nickname for our baby when the little guy is being fussy. It is French, meaning jewel, little and elegant, or precious little thing.

In order for a business to share time with my family, it has to be right from the very start. I strive to add value to the babywearing community. I pay my business associates what they are worth. I seek out eco-friendly yarns and products. I contribute to meaningful charities.

At the end of each day I want to know my boys will have a good model of what the world of work should look like. It should be about caring for customers, employees, the planet, and those in need. Period. 

Thank you for your interest in Bijou Wear. Please feel free to reach out -- we are always here, happy to answer your questions. 

Jaime N. Gassmann