About Bijou Wear

About Bijou Wear babywearing

Hello and welcome from Jaime Gassmann, the woman behind Bijou baby carriers! Bijou (pronounced bee'-zhew) crafts stunning machine-woven woven wraps and ring slings in small batchesGet to know Jaime and the awesome community of Bijou Babywearers more in our Facebook group Bijou Buzz! (Transcript below video.)

[Video description: A a white woman with glasses and short dark hair speaks directly to the camera, with photos of babywearers in Bijou carriers interspersed throughout the narrative.]

"Hello! My name is Jaime Gassmann. I'm the founder, owner, and CEO of Bijou Wear.

Maybe you’re here because you're unsure about the world of woven wraps -- you don’t know what size to get, or you’re worried about fit, or maybe you are just lost on where to start. Don’t worry about it – we’ve totally got you covered.

Any one of our baby carriers can be used for a newborn, all the way through the toddler years -- no need to size up as baby gets bigger. And any woven wrap of any size can be used by any caregiver!

So when I say woven wraps are for everybody, I mean exactly that -- they fit like a glove for every BODY. How cool is that?

As for learning how to use these carriers, each comes with simple illustrations, we have video tutorials on the website, and BEST OF ALL, we have an online community that will help you every step of the way.

So join us in our Facebook group called Bijou Buzz. It's the one thing I'm even more proud of than our amazing USA-made baby carriers.

Whether you're new to babywearing or a seasoned pro, our incredibly supportive, inclusive, diverse, and FUN community is without a doubt one of the very best babywearing spaces online.

I would love to see YOU join us there, posting your questions, hanging back to learn new things, or even asking for help to match you up with your perfect Bijou."]


More Thoughts from Founder and CEO Jaime Gassmann


Bijou is my husband's nickname for our baby when the little guy is being fussy. It is French, meaning jewel, little and elegant, or precious little thing.

In order for a business to share time with my family, it has to be right from the very start. I strive to add value to the babywearing community. I pay my business associates what they are worth. I seek out eco-friendly yarns and products. I contribute to meaningful charities.

At the end of each day I want to know my boys will have a good model of what the world of work should look like. It should be about caring for customers, employees, the planet, and those in need. Period. 

Thank you for your interest in Bijou Wear. Please feel free to reach out -- we are always here, happy to answer your questions. 

Jaime N. Gassmann


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