Eco Fibers

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Many Bijou woven wraps and ring slings are made using all cotton or a combination of cotton and an eco-friendly fiber. The forward-thinking fibers used so far are Eco2cotton®, TENCEL®, and REPREVE®.



Eco2cotton® recycles scraps of fabric left on the cutting-room floor of garment factories into yarns ready to be used again. Think of the natural resources conserved: land, water, energy! The recycled fibers retain color from the source garments, so some don't even waste extra water and energy being dyed, and the ones that are redyed need less dye to reach the desired color. 






TENCEL® is a yarn made of wood pulp cellulose. Yeah, trees! And not just any trees, but trees managed for sustained harvest and often grown without pesticides. Turning the trees into yarn takes less energy and water than the processing of cotton, and TENCEL® even requires less dye than cotton. 




REPREVE® fibers are made of recycled plastic, including water bottles. It's that simple. You chugged some water, then recycled the bottle. It may have been turned into the very fiber used in this wrap. Recycled in a closed-loop process = less energy, water, and greenhouse gas emissions. This video gives a glimpse into the transformation from plastic waste to snuggly recycled fiber. 




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