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Charitable Giving Bijou Wear

It's not worth doing, if we don't do it right. If we believe babywearing can help caregivers tremendously, then let's make sharing babywearing knowledge and tools part of how we help people who are truly in need. 

Bijou Wear is proud to contribute carriers and also financially to World on My Shoulders, a non-profit supporting low-income caregivers, particularly victims of domestic violence, at the grassroots level in chapters around the country.

Chapter volunteers work with domestic violence agencies, homeless shelters and local contacts to find those that could be interested in babywearing, and then offer instructional sessions and freestores as well as one-on-one help. Please learn more and donate if you can to WoMS here

Bijou Wear also donates to The Carrying On Project, which matches donated and discounted baby carriers with military families in need at no cost to the recipient to foster attachment under trying circumstances.

Separations are easier with happy babies and toddlers, and reconnections are quicker upon return when hugs and kisses are only inches away. If you would like to pass along the babywearing love, please sponsor a carrier by giving directly to The Carrying On Project.

Bijou Wear is owned and operated by a military spouse. For more background, see our About page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for sharing with your friends about WoMS's and TCOP's missions, and for giving money or carriers if you can.

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