Ring Sling How-To

Illustrations how to wear a ring sling babywearing

Ring slings are fantastic for snuggling newborns to sleep and/or for quick ups and downs with toddlers. They are easily adjustable and can be worn by multiple caregivers who have different sized frames. See our Sizing information for more. Enjoy ring sling instructional videos here. Also, this series of illustrations shows how to tie and wear one properly. When practicing a new carry, do so near a bed or sofa or with a spotter.

To create a deep seat, pull the bottom rail (edge) of the fabric up between you and the child to their bellybutton, with fabric spread from knee to knee, keeping their knees higher than bum in an M shape. The top rail of the sling should be at an infant's neck or a toddler's armpits, so that your child is close enough to kiss and tightly supported with their spine in a C shape. Be mindful of your child's airway, keeping at least a finger's width between chin and chest. Baby's face should not be buried straight into your chest, but rather turned to the side. Do not cover your child's face with fabric. 

How to thread a babywearing ring sling

proper positioning for a babywearing ring sling


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