Ring Sling Videos

For more videos, please visit our YouTube channel! 

Ring sling baby carriers: One layer over baby, two carrying positions (front and hip), and three years of use! 

Tutorial: How to Thread and Adjust a Ring Sling (also showing how to lower your baby or toddler in the sling for upright breastfeeding) music only

How to thread a ring sling using Skya Graphite, demonstrated by Tandem Trouble

How to wear a ring sling talk/walk through in Skya Graphite, demonstrated by Tandem Trouble

Reinforcing the seat for an extra-secure carry in a Skya ring sling demonstrated by Tandem Trouble.


An option for wearing your newborn froggied up feet-in in in a ring sling, demonstrated using Skya Graphite by Tandem Trouble

Ring Sling Basics in a Bijou (How to use any size ring sling, captioned)


Toddler-wearing demo in a Bijou ring sling.

Time-Lapse Ring Sling Demo, Front and Hip Carries

Slow talk-through of how to use a ring sling, with illustrations. 

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