Why Babywear?

Babywearing is fun! Don't be intimidated--it's not rocket science. You, too, can wield this piece of fabric! There are nifty diagrams on this site and included with your purchase that will help you have your babe snuggled up in no time. 

Bijou Wear's woven wraps and ring slings sooth disorganized little ones from infancy through toddlerhood. They are amazingly simple tools that bring us close to our children and help us be hands-free to accomplish the business of life. They can be used in a variety of carry options, and they adjust to fit all caregivers.

As a dear friend said, after her first encounter with a woven wrap, "Why didn't anyone tell me this would make parenting so much easier!!!"

What else? Some highlights:

So give your baby-holding biceps a break, shop our store, and join the supportive, irreverent, and selfie-loving community of babywearers!