Why Babywear?

why babywear

Life goes on, if the baby is fussy or not. We vote not. 

Cooking and eating meals. Running errands. Shopping. The daily grind of regular to-dos looks different for each of us, but when you wear a baby or toddler in a woven wrap or ring sling, these things are made glorious. 

If you have never wrapped a child before, imagine what it would be like to snuggle a peaceful baby and have your hands free as opposed to wrestling two armfuls of disorganized baby. You could care for your other children while the littlest one naps against your chest. You could put away groceries while you chat with the happy and secure toddler on your back. You could kiss your infant's sweet head while you take a hike holding hands with your partner.

A friend said, after her first encounter with a woven wrap, "Why didn't anyone tell me this would make parenting so much easier!!!"

Babywearing allows you to know when the baby is hungry, tired, or smelly (or on the verge of any of these states of being). The babe is so close you will be tuned in to their every mood. You will literally be connected, skin-to-skin. That little one will feel safe and warm and fulfilled. The security of being worn helps children to grow up into independent and confident big kids.

What a lovely childhood. What a lovely way to care for children.

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