"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)
"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)

"B" Blanket (Woven Throw Blanket)

Regular price $ 120.00

B Blankets are unbacked throw blankets made of seamless jaquard woven fabric. They feature luxurious wide hems, are perfect for snuggling for years to come, and measure approximately 56" by 62, sometimes a bit larger. Super B Blankets are about 15-20" wider in one direction. 

Each is woven and finished in the USA. Thank you for supporting the textile industry in this country!

Olympic Mountains' cobalt blue snowcapped peeks offer a dense weave with nubs and slubs that are characteristic of Bijou's signature EcoCel blend of recycled cotton, standard cotton, and Tencel yarns.

Arcadia Goldie features two layers of gauze-like cotton woven in such away it creates pillowy cushions of air between the layers in accordance with the botanical design. 

Classic charcoal/white Mythos Tempest is all cotton "double weave" for a dense blanket with delightful microtexture from the design and the weave structures. 

Bluegrass Anthem offers all-cotton goodness in a beautiful large-scale shooting star design.

Rustic Windmills are woven with recycled Eco2cotton yarn on a standard cotton warp, for the texture lovers, along with Windmills Blaze, which is even nubbier though thinner in hand as it is a "low Eco2" (high standard cotton percentage) fabric.

Why are some B Blankets noted (and marked down in price) as "seconds quality"? Bijou strives to produce nearly zero waste, recycling not just plastic and paper products, but also using every bit of fabric that is custom woven for us. Occasionally there is a gnarley bit of yarn, or a skipped thread, or a cosmetic mar because of which we kept this fabric aside when cutting woven wraps -- these are all reasons a blanket might be considered "seconds quality." Rest assured it will still be excellent for snuggling, and chances are you will never notice the flaw. 

Choosing a size woven wrap or ring sling for babywearing

Ring Slings

Ring slings are measured from the gathered edge on the rings along the shorter of the two long hems as this is the usable length a sling offers. Bijou Wear ring slings are sewn with a floating shoulder, which provides padding without being padded and good spreadability. They can be worn on either your right or left. Check out instructions on wearing a sling here.

They are measured in inches as follows:  Small  =  70 inches  //  Medium =  75 inches  //  Large  =  80 inches  //  Extra Large  =  85 inches  //  Extra Extra Large  =  90 inches

Ring Sling Chart Length Inches for Babywearing by Bijou Wear

The rule of thumb is to buy your t-shirt size, though if you are large busted or have a large ribcage or carry a large toddler, you might choose to size up. However, larger people can wear smaller ring slings and vice versa. The only difference will be the amount of "tail" hanging down from the rings. Remember, they are only five inches different from each other, so don't be wary of getting a shorter or longer size than you might think! You can measure a loop from one shoulder to opposite hip and back with a soft tape to see how long your adjusting tail will be with each of the sizes. 

Woven Wraps

If you do not know where to start, please read this page and also see our infographic for determining your "base" size here.

Woven wraps are long parallelograms of fabric. The size indicates the length along one rail (a long edge) as follows  (all plus or minus 0.1 meters):

Woven Wrap Size Chart Length Meters Baby Carrier for Babywearing

Size 2  =  2.7 meters  //  Size 3  =  3.2 meters  //  Size 4  =  3.7 meters  //  Size 5  =  4.2 meters  //  Size 6  =  4.7 meters  //  Size 7  =  5.2 meters  //  Size 8  =  5.7 meters  // Size 9  =  6.2 meters  //  Size 10 = 6.7 meters

Which size should you buy? 

Many people with a baby can do a front wrap cross carry (see the FWCC tutorial here) in a size 6 woven wrap, which means that person's "base" size is a 6. Larger frames, those with larger ribcages or busts, or those with big toddlers might be base 7 or 8 or 9, and smaller frames might be base 5 or occasionally base 4. However, any person can use any size woven wrap.

With a woven wrap, you can wear your baby or toddler in a variety of ways: on your front, hip, and/or back (instruction manual provided) -- and no need to "size up" as baby grows if you have a Bijou! We are also proud that any person can wear any size woven wrap Bijou makes (3 through 9, generally). The size simply determines the carries done by that person with that wrap.

There are hundreds of ways to babywear with a woven. A short wrap is nice for on-the-go. Long wraps are great for reinforcing passes that add support. Medium wraps are versatile; some love them for nursing in a front wrap cross carry tied under bum (see the FWCC TUB How To).



During its first bath your wrap or ring sling will shrink, which is normal. We cut the fabric so that it will shrink to the size that you ordered (within tolerances). 

ENJOY! See the included instructional booklet for carries specific to your purchase, or see the "Learn" tab above for the same illustrations as well as video tutorials! 

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