B Blanket

B Blanket

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B Blankets are unbacked throw blankets made of seamsless woven wrap fabric. They feature luxurious one-inch hems, perfect for snuggling for years to come and measure approximately 56" by 58" post-wash, sometimes larger. 

Decadence is a plush double weft egyptian cotton blend -- perfect for couch snuggles! Misfit Sugar Rush features Bijou's signature EcoCel blend of recycled cotton, standard cotton, and Tencel for a cosy, textured feel that compliments any home decor. Bluegrass Anthem offers all-cotton goodness in a beautiful large-scale shooting star design.

Wildchild Oasis is a soft-as-a-baby's-bum Tencel and cotton blend. Grunge Anthem is Eco2cotton on a standard cotton warp, for the texture lovers, along with Windmills Blaze, which is even nubbier though thinner in hand as it is a "low Eco2" (high standard cotton percentage) fabric.

Why are some B Blankets noted (and marked down in price) as "seconds quality"? Bijou strives to produce nearly zero waste, recycling not just plastic and paper products, but also using up fabric no matter the size. That's why we sell scrap, and using up all the woven fabric, even if it's the two yards at the end of the roll, is part of why we continue to make B Blankets. Well, that and #ForeverSnuggles. But sometimes there is a gnarley bit of yarn, or a skipped thread, or a cosmetic mar that kept this fabric aside when cutting wraps -- these are all reasons a blanket might be considered "seconds quality."