Bijou Gray Buzzer Mug (Coming Soon)

Bijou Gray Buzzer Mug (Coming Soon)

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Handmade in the USA, you can count on the quality of these mugs as you join the Bijou brew crew! 

The 15 ounce gray "Buzzer" mug features a wide base, an easy-to-clean shape (for gooey mug brownies), and an oversized handle to match the oversized cup of goodness you pour inside. 

Why do we call it the Buzzer? The Bijou Wear Facebook chatter group is called Bijou Buzz, and we frequently do #BijouBrewCrew check-ins there with mug selfies and share our favorite mug cake recipes and coffee-crafting methods! Join us at

These gorgeous mugs are handthrown, glazed, and fired in Minnesota, USA! Twenty-four pairs of hands help craft each individual mug, and no two mugs are exactly alike. Their quality is impeccable. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe.