SlingRings - Bijou Wear SlingRings baby carrier
SlingRings - Bijou Wear SlingRings baby carrier


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SlingRings anodized aluminum rings are offered for customers who may want to use a wrap as a no-sew ring sling at times or who want to do carries or fancy finishes that utilize rings. They are sold by the pair.

Rings are available in many colors to coordinate with your fabric.

Rings are not required for using a wrap, but for more experienced wrappers they can add to the experience by making more carries and finishes possible. 

SlingRings brand rings are the gold standard in US-made rings for babywearing. They are lead-free, tested individually, and CPSIA compliant. 

Large SlingRings specs: inner diameter 3", outer diameter 3.5". (most common)

Medium SlingRings specs: inner diameter 2.5", outer diameter 3". (good for thinner wraps)

Small SlingRings specs: inner diameter 2", outer diameter 2.5". (good for craft projects)