Stella "Betelgeuse" - Bijou Wear Woven Wraps and Ring Slings baby carrier

Stella "Betelgeuse"

Regular price $ 200.00

Cosy up with your little one for an evening stroll to look for our favorite red supergiant star nestled in Orion's shoulder while wearing the perfect brick red color of Stella Betelgeuse, Bijou's 45% merino wool/55% cotton blend woven wrap and ring sling.

Superwash, super-fine quality wool (one grade finer than Merino wool) in a super retro design, created in-house by one of our artists expressly to maximize wrap qualities in a jacquard woven wrap. 

The mid-century modern style stars of the Stella design pop against the background, no matter which side you wear facing out, and create a subtle quilted texture to this fluffy and dense (325gsm) yet medium-in-hand woven wrap. 

The made-in-the-USA 28.5"-wide fabric of Betelgeuse is cozy enough for infants and strong enough for toddlers featuring that famous bounce and support of wool. Betelgeuse can carry your little ones for your entire babywearing journey in single-layer carries if you prefer. 

Every effort has been made to keep the cost of this woven down despite the quality of the yarn. Please understand that any discount codes cannot be applied to Betelgeuse, including educator or library discounts. 

The color changes with the light. Efforts have been made to show it here in its full range. However, the color may appear differently in person than what you see on your screen.