The Bijou Trifecta - Bijou Wear  baby carrier

The Bijou Trifecta

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Bijou three ways! An onbuhimo featuring Bijou woven fabric (to be chosen by you), a woven wrap of any size, and an in-stock sling or blanket of your choice. 

Purchase The Trifecta here and start off the fun with a consultation with Jaime Gassmann, the owner of Bijou Wear, to brainstorm which fabric we can conjure for your full buckle or full reverse onbuhimo crafted by Cute Awaking as soon as Bijou sends the fabric out the door!  

>You pick the wrap from what is in stock at 

>You pick a blanket or sling from what is in stock at 

>You pick the style (buckle or reverse), size (baby, standard, toddler, preschool), and (available) Bijou fabric for the onbuhimo. Bijou and Cute Awaking coordinate to handle the rest! No work on your end securing a slot, buying and coordinating shipment for the fabric ... and very little waiting!

An onbuhimo is a waist-less soft structured carrier designed for carrying your child in a secure high back carry. The bottom of the carrier folds up under the child's bottom, between them and you creating a unpoppable seat. Many wrappers enjoy this style of carrier because it feels like a ruck with a candy cane chest belt.

There are limitations on fabrics available at Bijou HQ, but Jaime will help you workshop what is possible so that you end up with a conversion you absolutely love. 

The total price of your trifecta package is $425, a significant discount below the total of these three textile creations as a thanks for going on this journey with us! If by chance you would like further customization of the onbuhimo (hood, adjustable panel, etc.), the price goes up according to the price of those extras at 


This will be such a fun and special process. Who is feeling creative? Let's chat! 

Choosing a size woven wrap or ring sling for babywearing


Woven Wraps

If you do not know where to start, please read this page and also see our infographic for determining your "base" size HERE.

Woven wraps are long parallelograms of fabric. The size indicates the length along one rail (a long edge) as follows  (all plus or minus 0.1 meters):

Woven Wrap Size Chart Length Meters Baby Carrier for Babywearing

Size 2  =  2.7 meters  //  Size 3  =  3.2 meters  //  Size 4  =  3.7 meters  //  Size 5  =  4.2 meters  //  Size 6  =  4.7 meters  //  Size 7  =  5.2 meters  //  Size 8  =  5.7 meters  // Size 9  =  6.2 meters  //  Size 10 = 6.7 meters

Which size should you buy? 

Many people with a baby can do a front wrap cross carry (see the FWCC tutorial here) in a size 6 woven wrap, which means that person's "base" size is a 6. Larger frames, those with larger ribcages or busts, or those with big toddlers might be base 7 or 8 or 9, and smaller frames might be base 5 or occasionally base 4. However, any person can use any size woven wrap.

With a woven wrap, you can wear your baby or toddler in a variety of ways: on your front, hip, and/or back (instruction manual provided) -- and no need to "size up" as baby grows if you have a Bijou! We are also proud that any person can wear any size woven wrap Bijou makes (3 through 9, generally). The size simply determines the carries done by that person with that wrap.

There are hundreds of ways to babywear with a woven. A short wrap is nice for on-the-go. Long wraps are great for reinforcing passes that add support. Medium wraps are versatile; some love them for nursing in a front wrap cross carry tied under bum (see the FWCC TUB How To).


During its first bath your wrap will shrink slightly, which is normal. We cut the fabric so that it will shrink to the size that you ordered (within tolerances). 

ENJOY! See the included instructional booklet for carries specific to your purchase, find the same instructions at the how-to link above in the menu, or watch video tutorials HERE

Layaway Reserve-a-Wrap Bijou Wear Laybye

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Upon payment in full, the item will ship to you! 

The fine print:

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